We are accredited by an agency of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Our company is accredited by an agency of the major foreign embassies

We make paper and electronic tickets for rail transportation in Russia and the CIS

Providing accommodation in more than 160 000 hotels in CIS countries and abroad

We cooperate with reliable suppliers of transportation services in Russia and abroad

We offer services VIP service in airports in more than 170 cities worldwide

We organize flights on an individual route, with a choice of direction, date, time, power and aircraft

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Railway tickets

Booking of railway tickets
Railway tickets

“Сompany Sky Service” sells electronic and paper rail tickets on trains Russian Railways in Russia , from Russia to the CIS countries , the Baltic States , China, Mongolia , Finland and Eastern European countries . We draw up the European railway tickets Railway (Deutsche Bahn and Rail Europe) between points within Europe.

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What is an electronic railways ticket?

  • E-ticket is a PDF file / printed document in A4 format, sent by fax or by e-mail. The document contains the number of electronic MCO (Miscellaneous Charges Order), as well as the number of request, which Russian Railways Company uses for identification.

E-ticket customer

  • excludes a possibility of theft, loss or damage of a ticket;
  • electronic registration is available for most of trains, otherwise get the original ticket at a cashier station any convenient time, including immediately prior to boarding the train;
  • if you need to cancel your trip, you don’t have to physically return the paper ticket to get a refund. Just inform your Service Team and we’ll process the ticket refund transaction for you.

How to issue railway ticket?

  • You can request a specialist of our company or to issue a ticket in our office;

  • Issuing of electronic tickets are subject to availability, and should be requested at least 1 hour and not before 45 days prior to departure;

  • To obtain train tickets must be passport data of the passenger.